MCOL account registration process

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Register as an Individual or an Organisation.
If you are a Solicitor, select to enrol as a Solicitor – i.e. registered as a legal representative or solicitor.

If your company has an internal legal department, then register as a solicitor in order to charge Fixed Solicitors Costs

XML requests successfully passing SDT Gateway and MCOL error verification are immediately visible on MCOL.

StepWeb page image
1Welcome to MCOL
2Government Gateway
3Gateway ID - e.g. 1234 5678 9123
4Money Claim Online enrolment
5Organisation enrolment form
6MCOL enrolment confirmation
7MCOL homepage - new claims/ view/ respond/ input
8MCOL edit registration details
9MCOL Claim overview
10MCOL Login and password

Welcome to MCOL

Government Gateway

Government Gateway ID

Money Claim Online enrolment

Organisation enrilment form

MCOL enrolment confirmation

MCOL homepage new claims view respond input

MCOL edit registration details

MCOL claim overview

MCOL login and password