CCBC system testing

Hints and tips

This guide had been written in order to speed up the testing process.
If you have any questions, please contact the County Court Bulk Centre (CCBC) who will assist you.

Before testing commences

You will have been provided with a Customer code, Claim & Warrant range.


If you have the IT capability to transfer data files via the internet, then the Claim Production
Centre (CPC) will obtain a TESTING username and password in order for you to log on to the server.
This will be provided to you via email.

Once you have the above you are then ready to format the data to submit the first TEST file.

Data format requirements

Currently the data format requirements are contained in the following CCBC documents:- Limit the test to a maximum of 10 claims per file.
Start files with 001 and increment by 1 as each new file is submitted.

Test results

The result of the tests will either be a Pass, Fail or partial Pass on skeleton data.
  1. With a pass you can go on to test for the next data format
  2. With a fail you will be notified of the reason and then once this has been amended you will
    be required to submit a new test to the centre
  3. A partial fail is when the data has failed on validation (skeleton data).
    This means that the data formatting has been successful however the actual data is incorrect.
    For example – the defendant's name is missing or the claimant's name is missing.
    You will be required to test again for this stage of the process


When a file fails you are to move on to the next sequence number as the testing
environment recognises that the sequence has run and will not allow the test to proceed.


The TEST data should be compiled as if it was in the live environment.
Data should be continuous throughout the tests meaning that a claim is issued, and then a
Judgment is entered against that claim.
A Warrant is issued against the Judgment, and the same case is marked as paid.

For example:-
  1. Claim 8SS00001 to 8SS00051 are requested and have passed the Claims TEST
  2. Judgment can then be requested on all or some of these Claims, these then pass
  3. Warrants and Paid notifications can then be requested on these Judgments

CCBC Flowchart

CCBC test flowchart

Common Test Failure Reasons