CCBC Court Case Management validation

CaseMan validation error list

Judgment requests, warrant requests and claim status updates (CSUs) are further validated when they are notified
to the court case management system, CaseMan, by MCOL. Should any of these checks fail, the individual
request will be marked as Rejected on SDT with error number 75 and an error message of:-
“Rejected by CCBC - rejection number” concatenated with a numeric code indicating the reason why CaseMan
rejected the notification.
The meaning of the numeric codes is given in the table below:

NumberError message
6Case status is set (e.g. paid, transferred etc.)
7Judgment not entered or set to paid/set aside
8A bar on judgment/enforcement is in place - contact CCBC
24Type cannot be Discontinued or Settled as judgment already exists
26Joint judgment entered - whole Case should be paid
28Cannot be paid for this defendant, judgment not entered
33The judgment against this defendant is already paid
50Valid judgment already exists
5114 days not passed since service
52Payee details incomplete
83Claim Form has not been served
84More than 2 requests found for this Case
85Date of final payment is earlier than judgment date
86Payee Telephone Number is not numeric
92Acknowledgment of Service filed and time for Defence not expired