Recover bad debts
Recovering bad debt can leave your organisation counting the cost of lost time and resources. If you issue at least 5 to 10 County Court Claims a month, there is a low-cost case management solution: Delta Credit Manager from debt collection software specialists, Allied Factors Limited.
This fast, easy-to-use and affordable debt software not only enables you to submit Claims, Judgments and Warrants electronically to the County Court Bulk Centre (CCBC) as secure XML over the Internet. It also helps you Claim more from debtors, increasing the revenue you receive.
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A WEALTH OF FEATURES. Available in network or standalone options, Delta Credit Manager delivers all these features and more.

Transmits Claim data to CCBC
Uses the MoJ's superb SDT
    Web Service over the Internet
Uses Microsoft .NET and MS     SQL Server database
Accepts CSV (comma-separated
    value) from all accounting
Includes advanced context-
    sensitive help function
Manages 4 x CCBC file types –
    Claims, Judgment, Warrant and
    Claim Status Update
Automatically produces XML
    for transmission to the CCBC
Produces and prints CCBC files;
    standard and custom chase
    letters; Statutory Demand forms;
    standard and customised letters;
    legal documents and more…
Features comprehensive case
    management tools
Automatically calculates and
    adds interest, Court fees and
    Fixed Solicitors Costs.
SSL Security Certificate supplied
A WORLD OF BENEFITS. Delta Credit Manager makes managing debt recovery faster, easier and more efficient than ever before.

Save time. Avoid the delays of paper processes with an automated electronic solution that submits Claims immediately.
Reduce costs. Submitting to the CCBC costs less than civil Court and solicitor procedures. The solution also makes your operations more efficient. See how much you could save.
Increase revenues. Delta Credit Manager enables you to instantly add fines and interest to late invoices, ensuring you get what you deserve.
Improve accuracy. Electronic submissions are less error-prone than paper-based processes.
Simplify management. Delta Credit Manager neatly and securely stores all your forms and invoices, so they’re always at hand.
Enhance accounting software. The solution is compatible with almost all accounting software, extending their features to include.
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Why submit Claims electronically? Find out how using Delta Credit
Manager can save your organisation valuable time and money.
Click to create a Claim N1 batch, with costs, interest and Fixed Solicitors Costs, included automatically
Transmit the XML to the CCBC using a Security Certificate
Obtain Primary Feedback in two minutes from the CCBC
Enter Judgment in default 19 or 33 days later
Transmit XML to CCBC to see Judgment on MCOL website
Transmit XML Warrant file to CCBC or alternative Court enforcement (printed forms automatically include correct details and fees)
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Why submit Claims
Find out how using Delta Credit
Manager can save your organisation
valuable time and money
Paper based system
Identify unpaid invoices total
Calculate interest for each invoice
Calculate Court fees
Calculate other costs including penalties and Solicitors’ fees
Print off N1 Claim form
Complete N1 Claim form
Post with cheque and wait 1 or 2 days to arrive at Court
Await Court processing, which takes 3 to 5 days (Claims are often sent on to Salford Business Centre for re-typing)
Receive N225 receipt/Judgment from the Court
Calculate interest less any payment, then complete and send form N225 by post to the Court
Enforce Judgment by printing and completing Court forms, then post to the relevant Court