Q My company wants to use the CCBC, is there a membership fee?
A No. Membership is free. 

Q How do I set the membership process in motion?
A The CCBC will send you a starter pack and application form by email.
All provisions are governed by Civil Procedure Rules, Practice Direction 7C.

Q What happens in relation to Claim and Warrant numbers?
A The CCBC provides you with a set of sequnces to use.
The Delta Credit Manager uses these sequences as Claims and Warrants are issued.

CCBC control display

Q So the Court fees are less than issuing paper Claims?
A Yes, the miniumum saving is £15 per Claim. When you issue a Warrant
of Execution, the saving is £30. Warrant re-issues save £25.

Q What happens after that?
A You will transmit some test files for Claims, Judgments, Warrants and
Paids to the CCBC. If these are satisfactory, you can go live.

Q What is their address and telephone number?
A Postal Address is: 

The Bulk Centre
4th Floor
St Katharine's House
21 - 27 St Katharine's Street
NN1 2LH 
Helpdesk Telephone Number: 
County Court Bulk Centre (CCBC) - 0845 4085302

Q Is there anything else that gets sent to the CCBC?
A An advice note is sent to accompany the Claim issue file.
A separate advice note is produced to accompany the Judgment, Warrant
and Paid files. These are produced automatically as web pages (HTML).

Q Can we set up a fee account with the CCBC to draw off fees as we use them?
A Yes

Q Are the data files produced by the DCM software automatically?
A Yes. They are named in accordance with a strict naming convention.
[User ID]+[Type]+[Number]. Example:-
1234ss.001 would be the first Claim file produced for user number 1234.
All four types of file have the notation given below:-

1234ss.001 - Claims
1234je.001 - Judgments
1234we.001 - Warrants
1234pd.001 - Paids

Where you have a bundle of files to transmit, the CCBC requires you to place
them inside a ZIP file - 1234_001.ZIP

Q What is 'Paids' data?
A This is where the case is to be closed for one of the following reasons:-
(1) [P] Paid
(2) [O] Written off
(3) [W] Withdrawn
(4) [D] Discontinued
The Court needs to know this information. Where the defendant has paid in full,
They will also need to know the date of payment.

Civil Procedure Rules

Q Why is the date of payment important?
A Because if paid within 30 days, the judgment is not recorded at the
Registry Trust which stores details of CCJs. After this time, the defendant
will need to file for a Notice of Satisfaction.