How does it work
County Court Bulk Centre, Northampton
Delta Credit Manager connects you quickly and easily to the County Court Bulk Centre (CCBC), without the costs and delays of using paper-based processes, County Courts and solicitors. The CCBC was created to free County Courts from dealing with simple trade debts, and delivers the fastest and cheapest way of issuing Claims.
Created exclusively for personnel in organisations of all sizes, Delta Credit Manager is refreshingly easy to use. Once the solution is in place, it will immediately start saving you time, reducing your costs and making light work of recovering debts.
Installing Delta Credit Manager You can download Delta Credit Manager via a unique web link or from an installation CD. It is a Microsoft .NET application connected to a MS SQL Server database. Install the software using Microsoft's ClickOnce technology. Version updates are implemented automatically from a shared location on your network.
How to get started Getting started with Delta Credit Manager and using the County Court Bulk Centre (CCBC) is simple. Just follow these simple steps to put everything in place.
Order a starter pack from the CCBC by contacting them
     on 01604 619531.
Submit your name, address and other details plus expected
     volumes on the application form.
Submit Direct Debit mandates to the CCBC.
     (Hard copies required).
Once accepted, you will receive a Customer account no. and
     a System account no. Apply for an account on MCOL.
Perform test XML transmissions in commissioning mode
Install your production SSL Security Certificate.
Submit your first XML batch of data to the CCBC.
     Request immediate Primary Feedback.
Request Secondary feedback after 24 hours; Submit queries.
Download a trial of
Delta Credit Manager
Full test system with sample
Debtors and Invoices