VB.NET - Linked SQL Server

Full screen VB.NET Topic list LINKED SERVER Further to my previous email. Ok, I have found what needs to be done, when creating the linked server the details for the “Product name”, “Data source” and “Catalog” need to be entered. The “Product name” is entered as “SQLSERVER”, all upper case and no spaces, the “Data source” is our Sage SQL server instance, i.e. “SLESAGE2” and “Catalog” is the default database, i.e. “SLE_Live”. Then enter the credentials detailed in the attachment of my previous email:- I have found the details for the "SLEVNTDB" remote user login, see attached for details. I have tried these details out using ODBC in Excel and this works correctly. When reviewing the linked server properties after creation the “Product name”, “Data source” and “Catalog” details are removed”, presumably for security purposes. Copyright © 2015-19 Allied Factors Limited. All Rights Reserved.