VB.NET Listview - Insert NOT Add

Full screen VB.NET Topic list I have a listview in VB.net that I'm filling from a table in my SQL database. The listview refreshes every period of time (using a timer) and I want every dynamically added item to be added on the TOP of the listview. Here's my code: Dim itm as Listviewitem arr(0) = Date.Now.ToString arr(1) = Table.item("no") arr(2) = Table.item("datain") arr(3) = Table.item("message") itm = New ListViewItem(arr) ListView1.Items.Add(itm) Use the Insert method instead of Add, like this: ListView1.Items.Insert(0, itm) Note: 0 is the index of the first item in the list, so this puts it at the beginning. Instead of simply adding the item to the list, use the insert function : ListView1.Items.Insert(0, itm) NOTE:- For subitems the code is the same as ADD, only the LEAD item needs the INSERT code. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19030741/vb-how-to-dynamically-add-items-on-top-of-listview Copyright © 2015-19 Allied Factors Limited. All Rights Reserved.