Delta Credit Manager Savings
Claims, Judgments, Warrants and Paids Using Delta Credit Manager to submit Claims, Judgments and Warrants electronically to the County Court Bulk Centre (CCBC) can reduce your organisation’s costs significantly.
what could you save
Calculator These figures are based on a single user submitting 15 Claims, 7 Warrants of execution, 3 reissued Warrants and 10 debtor payments in full for Claims of under £300. Your savings depend on how many Claims you submit and their values, and whether you’re maximising the amount you can recover. Charging Fixed Solicitors Costs is also very significant - £50 per Claim/ £22 per Judgment.  
Delta Credit Manager Claims             Paper Based Claims  
  15 Claims, N1 Fee at £25 each £375   15 Claims, N1 Fee at £35 each £525
  7 Warrants, N323 fee at £70 each £490   7 Warrants, N323 fee at £100 each £700
  3 Re-issue Warrants - free £0   3 Re-issue Warrants, N445 fee at £30 each £90
  Notify Court of 'paids' by emailed paid data file £0   Notify Court of 'paids' by post £5
  Delta Credit Manager monthly rental (single user) £150   Total cost £1320
  Total cost £1015      
Savings per month £305
  Savings per year £3660      
How much could you save with Delta Credit Manager
Single user £150 + VAT per month
3-user network £450 + VAT per month
7-user network £900 + VAT per month
To get a price for any other number of network users, email us on for a quote.
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