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Delta Credit Manager connects you quickly and easily to the County Court Bulk Centre (CCBC), without the costs and delays of using paper-based processes, County Courts and solicitors. The CCBC was created to free County Courts from dealing with simple trade debts, and delivers the fastest and cheapest way of issuing Claims.
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Delta Credit Manager benefits
Written in Microsoft .NET + MS SQL Server database, Delta Credit Manager delivers all these features and more…
By using a secure XML connection to the CCBC, Delta Credit Manager saves you time and money, and puts you in control of your debt recovery. Whatever your sector, if you're issuing at least 5 to 10 Claims a month in England and Wales, you're sure to secure significant time and cost savings.

Save time
With Delta Credit Manager, there are no paper forms to complete and send, and no waiting around for the CCBC to respond. Send your Claims electronically to the CCBC by XML link, and it will process them and respond immediately. The solution also automatically calculates variables on every Claim and, when interest runs to Judgment, it computes the correct daily rate.

Reduce costs
Submitting to the CCBC through Delta Credit Manager will save you an average £20 on Claim fees and £30 on Warrant fees, while costing nothing to reissue a Warrant. Not forgetting the cost efficiencies that come through Delta Credit Manager streamlining your processes. Check how much you could save.
Increase revenues
Delta Credit Manager can automatically calculate and add Late Payment Act 1998 penalties to your each of your overdue invoices.

The software gives you a choice of interest types, including section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984; Late Payment Act interest at base rate plus 8% or simply your contractual interest rate.

Charge Solicitors' fixed costs
You may also be entitled to charge Solicitors' fixed costs under Part 45 of the Civil Procedure Rules. These amount to at least £50 on every Claim and £22 per Judgment, which the Delta Credit Manager automatically calculates and adds on for you.

Improve accuracy

The CCBC has an exceptional processing record, compared to the County Courts. Using Delta Credit Manager, you can build and transmit scores of Claims in minutes, reducing the risk of errors associated with paper processes.

Simplify management

Delta Credit Manager provides everything you need to manage your debt recovery effectively. The solution neatly and securely stores every element of your debtor data and Claims, so you can access them easily. When invoices become late, it alerts you immediately. What's more, Delta Credit Manager enables you to build XML data files containing hundreds of Claims; issues customised chase letters and 'letters before action’ (LBA); includes simplified short 'pleading'; and allows you to control the sequence of Claims and Warrants. Payment to the CCBC is by weekly or monthly Direct Debit, which means no more dealing with single cheque requisitions.

Extend accounting software
Delta Credit Manager is compatible with almost all accounting software, including Oracle, SAP, Navision and Sage. The solution enhances your software's functions with a host of late payment and debt recovery features.